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Virtual Doula Support| COVID-19| Coronavirus

There's no surprise with the severity of COVID-19 and in efforts to reduce the spread of this virus that hospitals have decided to limit the number of support persons available to their patients. This has caused great anxiety and fear for a lot of pregnant & expecting families regarding who can attend their birth and what support is available. We've worked diligently to adapt to the times and our clients and community can rest assured doula support is still available even for labor & delivery.

Bump to Birth Doula Services has been providing virtual support well before COVID-19 made an appearance. I know your saying to yourself "This service isn't advertised" "I wish I would've known this before" well here's the scoop..If we've ever responded to a phone call, text message, email, or video chatted about anything specifically related your unique pregnancy or postpartum needs to where you relied on our expert advice, real time coaching, and encouragement you were virtually doula-ed.

In this quick video we provide you with information on just exactly how this will work. Don't forget to check out the description box in the video for practical support strategies not mentioned in the video. Watch to find out more.

For more information and resources, check us out on YoutTube by following the link:


Bump to Birth Doula Services is supporting families in the greater Grand Rapids area in every aspect of preparing for pregnancy, birth, and beyond. We provide comprehensive support and education needed for expanding families. 

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