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Michigan Governor declares Doula Appreciation Week!

March is Women’s History Month, and there couldn’t be a more perfect time to also celebrate and raise awareness about professional doulas here in the state of Michigan. 

Doulas are professionals who support new and expanding families by providing social and emotional support throughout pregnancy, labor and delivery, as well as the postpartum period. Doula's offer a wide variety of services - everything from prenatal counseling and consulting, physical support during labor, and assisting in the adjustment that comes to home life after baby is born.

It was important for our founder of Bump to Birth Doula Services to elevate the profession of doulas by way of proclamation recognizing the hard work and commitment that doulas put in day in and day out for the betterment of community. This Proclamation will raise awareness and highlight the importance of doulas, helping to ensure women in our community have access to this support. 

Doulas deserve to be recognized and celebrated for their services just as we celebrate our nurses and teachers. The support and service we provide to families during pregnancy and childbirth helps to ensure healthy women, children, and families.

The proclamation serves as an excellent demonstration for our State to show its support in placing a high priority on women’s health issues-especially maternal health- and recognizes that women of all backgrounds deserve access to the highest quality of care before and during pregnancy, throughout the birth experience, and in the post-delivery period. Moreover, it is a wonderful opportunity to educate the public, on the racial and ethnic disparities in maternal mortality, particularly the high rates of maternal mortality among black women which spans all levels of income and education, as well as socioeconomic status.

Doulas are an integral part of the health care system here in Michigan and having this proclamation is an official recognition to the important work and contributions of doulas, as well as an emphasis on the state's personal commitment to maternal health. Doulas are truly making an impact by reminding women of their goals, their nature, and strengths, while also reinforcing the idea that its ok to ask for help.

Doula Appreciation week is a great achievement reflecting the states efforts in honoring the invaluable support doulas provide to expecting families. As we ramp up to prepare to celebrate the doulas in our community in the month of March, we invite community members and organizations to learn more about the work of doulas or reach out and thank a doula individually for empowering women and making history.


Bump to Birth Doula Services is supporting families in the greater Grand Rapids area in every aspect of preparing for pregnancy, birth, and beyond. We provide comprehensive support and education needed for expanding families. 

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